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On this page you can download worksheets to practice your Hungarian language skills.

You can find at the beginning of each worksheet the recommended level (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), and at the end the solutions. I translated the instructions of the exercises in English – so you can try to make the exercises alone as well.

This side is under construction, I am going to upload here every week new exercises, so the offered worksheets will broaden.

I wish you efficient learning!

  1. Daloló – Fülelő (Singing – Listening)
    1. Halász Judit – Szabó T. Anna: Tatoktatok
      You can practice past tense and listening with this song and poem. Recommended on language level A2-B1.
    2. Egy ballagási dal
      You can get to know a traditional Hungarian song for school-leaving ceremony. Recommended on language level A2-B1
    3. For Opera-friends: the “Hazám, hazám” aria
  2. Olvasni jó (Reading is good)
    1. Olvasni jó: Magyar desszertek
      You can read about Hungarian desserts. Recommended on language level C1.
    2. Olvasni jó: A magyar Mikulás
      You can read about traditions in connection with Mikulás (Santa Claus) in Hungary. Recommended on language level A2.
    3. Olvasni jó: Advent és karácsony Magyarországon
      You can read about habits around Christmas in Hungary. Recommended on language level B1-B2.
    4. Olvasni jó: Egy kis szórakozás Magyarországon
      You can read hear short, original textes which recommend to you entertainment possibilities. Recommended on language level A2.
    5. Olvasni jó: Karácsony_A2
      Christmas symbols in Hungarian. Expressions you can use when you give or receive a present. Hungarian traditions in Christmas time. How to make bejgli. The oldest Hungarian Christmas song. Recommended on language level A1-A2.
  3. Szituáció
    1. Szituáció: Vendéglátás – Vendégségben
      You can read an example on the situation of hosting or visiting somebody. You can learn useful expressions. Recommended on language level A2-B1.