Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University, 2014, Pécs

Having a 3-years-long brake (because of bringing up my little children) finally I could teach again on the Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University at the University of Pécs. As the title already tells you, on this summer university participants can learn the Hungarian Language and can get to know the Hungarian Culture. As usual students came from all over the world. In the groups I taught, were students with Dutch, German, Japanese, Brazil, Spanish, Iranian, Irish, Italian, Slovak, Egyptian and Bulgarian origin. Although this seems like a cultural topsy-turvy, it wasn’t. Because the same purpose (learning Hungarian) made people work together and have fun together. I enjoyed a lot teaching the students, the team works, the games, watching films… and although on the last week was everybody tired so just a few people came to the Phonetic Club I held, for me that was also a pleasure. Finally here are some pics (thanks Mariette, Kata and Aika):

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