Learn Hungarian online by sitting on your favourite sofa in any places of the world!

I offer you online Hungarian lessons:

These Hungarian lessons are not only Skype-talks!

We will use Skype for speaking, but for the lessons I am using an E-learning software which you can reach every time with a direct link (you don”t need to pay for it extra). This software makes it possible that the lessons can be as voluble and efficient as the personal meetings. Moreover we can easily use all the technologies in the lessons which the computer can offer us for the efficient language learning.

Advantages, Services:

  • Effective language learning by keeping the comfort of home
  • You will be supported in language learning by a good, qualified teacher, who also knows the everyday Hungarian language – no matter how far away I am from you
  • Equal development of all parts of the language competence is supplied – just like in a case of personal meetings
  • Flexible timetable, you can learn even in the evening or morning hours
  • Using the facilities of the computer technology in language learning (elearning software, digital whiteboard, videos, audio contents, pictures, slideshows etc.)
  • You will get the working sheets in advance, so that the lesson will be fluent

Technologies needed:

  • computer, laptop or tablet
  • microphone
  • speaker / head-set
  • webcamera
  • Skype-address
  • the newest JAVA version (avaible for free)

Way of payment: bank transfer