Online Hungarian Lessons – much more than just Skype-talks!

Online Hungarian lessons – I don’t think this is the future, it’s already here.

If you search the internet, you will find lot’s of opportunities for online Hungarian language learning as well. Some resources are even free or you can download a range of  applications. All these resources can help you with your language learning.

But what sort of things should you be looking for should you decide to take Hungarian lessons online?

  • First of all: Choose a teacher with professional qualifications and/or training! Unfortunately some people believe they can offer to teach you Hungarian just because they are native speakers and can speak another foreign language. This of course is not enough! To become a Hungarian as Foreign Language teacher one has to study this subject at university and also a lot of practice is required.
  • Choose a teacher who can use the technologies available well and who offers you more than just Skype-talks! There is a variety of software available for E-Learning. Of course the teacher usually has to pay for these (not the student), but in return they can provide lot’s of possibilities  in the online lesson to improve your language competencies. The most important element is the whiteboard. With the whiteboard the teacher is able to follow what you write, and you can also solve worksheets together and save the files. With screen sharing you can even browse the internet together. Furthermore the teacher will be able to provide you with listening exercises (which is not possible through Skype alone). When having lessons via Skype the teacher can only talk with you and write relatively short messages. This is not enough for a professional language lesson.
  • You need to decide for yourself  if you would like this form of learning. It is important that you are not averse to meeting your teacher online only. It is also important to take the lesson seriously (just as you would in a classroom). The advantages of online lessons are as follows:
    • You don’t need to leave home, instead you can sit on your favourite sofa or wherever you feel comfortable.
    • Schedules are more flexible because the teacher doesn’t need to travel. You can have lessons in the morning before going to work, in your lunchtime, or during the evening after work. Any time differences can be taken into account, thus making it  easier to find a good time for the lesson which is suitable for both the student and the teacher.
    • You get all your worksheets online so you don’t need to write out lot’s of notes or worry about books for the lesson.
    • Modern technology can help improve your language competencies.
  • Of course it also important that you are a competent computer user. You don’t need to be an IT professional, but you should know how to use your webcam and your headset, as a minimum. You will also need to know who to use the  E-learning software (which is actually very simple and  not too dissimilar to using Microsoft Word). The speed of your internet access is also important. You don’t need super high quality, but it shouldn’t be too slow. Of course technical problems (like a powerbreak or other pc issues) can happen, in which case you need to be open minded. If the problem is not with your computer or it is outside of your control, then normally you don’t need to pay if the lesson cannot go ahead. If this happens to me when I am teaching, I usually try to arrange an alternative date with the student for the lesson. I have to underline that these problems do happen, albeit rarely. If it is continuously happening, your or your teacher’s computer should be repaired or you will need to pay for a better internet connection.

Teaching Hungarian via E-learning is a very good opportunity for all, because there are lots of people around the world who would like to learn Hungarian for many different reasons. With online language lessons they can make contact with a professional Hungarian language teacher who is not only a native speaker but is also familiar with Hungarian culture.

If you feel you would like to learn Hungarian online, please see here for further information. Please feel free to contact me for any further information I will be only too happy to help.

The English translation of this blogspot was corrected by my lovely student, Eleanor Goold, director of Kreatív Fordítás Ltd. Thank you, Eleanor! Köszönöm szépen!

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