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I haven’t written since a long time to this blog. Which doesn’t mean I am not working. I do! I work a lot… Where? First of all at the International Studies Centre at the University Pécs. Here I teach Hungarian, give lectures about European Cultural History, improve the Hungarian pronunciation of students, teach on the Summer University. But I still give private lessons as well to all kind of very kind people, and will do in the future too. I am proud on my students. Some of them are learning with me since years and they step forward constantly, they speak better and better Hungarian. (This story happened just today: A couple just started to learn Hungarian with me. They arrived a little bit earlier, so they met my other student – already on level B1. We discussed the homework in Hungarian and she left. I explained to the couple that she is learning Hungarian since 5 years. They were wondering, they thought she is a native speaker! Not. But she speaks very well and understand almost everything!)

It is a fortune that I can take part on lot of projects. In the last years I wrote 4 booklets for learning Hungarian in the MagyarOK series written by Szilvia Szita and Kata Pelcz. Here they are:

  • Hangrend – a booklet for Hungarian pronunciation


  • Miről van szó? – a booklet on level B2 in 4 topics


  • Magyar-lengyel olvasókönyv – a reading booklet about 7 famous Hungarians on level A2. Of course I only wrote the Hungarian part. :-)


  • Országismereti olvasmányok – reading booklets about Hungary on level A2 and B2.


You can buy or download the booklets here.

I could also take part on the project of Erasmus+. So I wrote the Hungarian online course for Erasmus+ students (Online Linguistic Support). Erasmus+ students can take part on this online beginner course before they arrive in Hungary. I hope the course helps them a lot in starting their lives in Hungary.

And right now I prepare a new website teaching Hungarian for beginners. It will support learners with listening, interactive tasks and games. I hope that I can introduce it soon to you!

I also started my facebook site: Hungarian Teacher. I rather post there, because it is quicker.

Finally some pictures about the last years:

pvvar pvvar2 nyariegyetem2017_2 nyariegyetem2017 nyariegyetem_2017_3

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