Hungarian lessons on the University of Pécs

I had some very exciting days at the end of April on the university. I tested about 40 students in Hungarian language at the International Study Centre of the University of Pécs. I thaught here since November mostly Jordanian (but also some Nigerian, Swede, Chinese) students. So when we look at the results of these exams we can see the results of more months work. These students came to Hungary without to know anything about Hungarian language and – although most of them only had once a week Hungarian lesson – by now they are able to introduce themselves in Hungarian, to speak a little bit about their families, order meal in a restaurant or buy things on the market. Of course they are still very beginners, but I think this is a good beginning and I hope in 5 years they will be able to speak to patients in the hospital when they make their practice in Hungary. That is also what I wish to all of them and a successfull entrance exam!

Although we concentrated very much on the exams, we had also a little time to enjoy ourselves together. I think that as Hungarian teacher I also have to help foreign students to fit in, to survive the cultural shock and to get to know more about Hungarian culture. I did this already in the lesson with different exercises: so we went to the market place to see and buy things, listened to songs, have spoken about Hungarian folkmusic and about different traditions, like special meals and drinks. This last one was for me little bit a challenge, because most of the students were muslims so they don’t eat pork and don’t drink alcohol. That means I couldn’t praise pörkölt or cigánypecsenye and the Hungarian wines so much – but of course I could recommend some other kind of dishes for them. And I had to teach an important question: “Van benne sertéshús?” (Is any pork in it?) What I found amazing that they were really overawed by the nature in Hungary, especially now in spring.

We also had the opportunity to make some trips together. One part of the group came to my hometown Pécsvárad where we visited the castle. An other part of the group (my Nigarian, Swede and Christian Jordanian students) went with me to Zengővárkony where we visited the Easter Egg Museum and had wine tasting (yes, they could) at the Rozmaring Guest House. I found both trips very amazing, it was nice to wile away with them.

You can see here some photos:









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