About the lessons

It’s just a stereotype that learning Hungarian would be very difficult! All languages has easier and more difficult sides. And the Hungarian lesson can even be very amusing, while we are discovering the logic of the language and the amazing points of the vocabulary!

I believe in keeping some principles with the aim of effective and amazing language courses. From these principles you can get know what you get in my courses.

Beszélj és hallgass, írj és olvass! (Speak and listen, write and read!) During the Hungarian lesson I develop every skills of your linguistic competence:

  • Development of speaking and communication skills: So that you can start speaking Hungarian courageously.
  • Development of listening skills: So that you can easily understand your Hungarian speaking partner.
  • Development in reading and understanding of texts: The texts that you are going to read will activate your vocabulary and knowledge of grammar. These will also widen your knowledge of Hungarian with new words and expressions. By reading authentic Hungarian news, articles, leaflets etc. you can learn how to understand the meanings of messages of such textes.
  • Development of writing skills: So that it won’t cause you much trouble to write a letter or an e-mail in Hungarian.
  • Development of pronunciation: So that you will be really understandable in Hungarian.

„Elnézést, egy pillanat!” (Excuse me, a moment please!) During the Hungarian lessons I use the methods of communicative language teaching: Productive and successfully usage of the language is in the focus of the teaching.  That means: you can get to know real situations and real expressions and by using those you can make a successful conversation in Hungarian.

„Kérek egy kávét!” (A coffee please!) The knowledge of grammar is a tool, but not the goal. I teach Hungarian grammar in connection with the functions in speaking. So you will learn to use the given grammar in a situation.

„Mit keres egy dzsámi Pécsen?” (Why is a mosque in Pécs?) You will get to know the peculiarities of the Hungarian culture and the  unwritten rules of Hungarian communication in the Hungarian course as well (greetings, polite requests, reminding etc.).

„Mi az magyarul, hogy Good morning?” (How can I say “Good morning” in Hungarian?) We use the Hungarian language more and more in the lessons – so you need to use and improve your language skills during the lesson. To help you understand the logic of the grammar I will sometimes speak either German or English with you at the beginning.

A könyv csak eszköz, nem a nyelvóra irányítója! (The course book is only a tool, not the manager of the language course!) During the Hungarian course I use first of all the course book called “Tettre kész”. I also took part in developing this book. Besides I borrow exercises from many other books as well. I always supply exercises made by myself – according to the requirements of the students.

Examples of working sheets and exercises (pdf):