I offer you coffee-talks as well: in this extraordinary lesson we will sit really or imaginary or even virtual into a café, and we “only” talk. But of course this is much more than just talking, because you will have to activate all your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar that you already learnt. Furthermore the teacher will give you more in-put than just trying to speak with a friend in Hungarian.

When would I suggest this way of learning?

  • If you already learnt the basics of Hungarian (the vocabulary of everyday life situations and topics, the main grammar rules), but you feel so that it is difficult for you to speak in Hungarian.
  • If you have not enough possibilities to speak Hungarian in your everyday life, and you want to develop your skills or simply you don’t want to forget the language.
  • If you think that beside normal Hungarian lessons it would be also good to talk more in Hungarian.
  • If you would like to talk about topics in Hungarian which rarely occur in your everyday life.
  • If you would like to improve your vocabulary.

What happens in the lesson?

  • We can really sit into a café, if you would like. But of course we can meet somewhere else as well, and even we can sit in front of screen with a cup of coffee or tea and we will of course TALK.
  • I will give you some help in talking:
    We will decide the topic of the conversation before the lesson, so you have the chance to prepare a little bit if you would like.
    I will work as a tutor or moderator of the conversation. I will motivate you to speak with questions, pictures or small interesting textes.
    I will write notices during talking, and at the end we can sum up the new words and expressions which occured during the chat, and I will briefly remark if you had mistakes which you made often while you spoke. But I won’t correct you everytime during talking because it would make the chat very ponderous. Who likes to talk with somebody who constantly correct her/him? (-:
  • Conversation means to exchange ideas, so I will tell you also my opinion, in this way you can also practise to understand Hungarian.

You can have your coffee-chat lesson also so that we meet personal or you can have it online. If you are interested, write me! It would be nice to drink a coffee with you!