About – Your Hungarian Teacher

Welcome! I am glad that you have visited my site. My name is Tímea Baumann, I am a Hungarian  as foreign language teacher and expert in Hungarian Studies. I became a qualified teacher of  Hungarian as foreign language at the University of Pécs (Department of Linguistics, Seminar of Hungarian Studies and  Applied Linguistics) and here I also got several years of teaching practice. During the semesters of the 2009/2010 academic year I was working as a guest teacher of Hungarian Language and Culture at the University of Regensburg (Germany). I started to teach in 2008 at the Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University of the University of Pécs. I teach at the International Study Centre of the University Pécs since 2015 where we train foreign students for starting their Hungarian university studies. I am author of several booklets for Hungarian learning („Miről van szó?”, “Hangrend”, “Magyar-lengyel olvasókönyv”, “Országismereti olvasmányok”) and took part on several projects about Hungarian teaching. I speak German and English fluently, and  I learned a little bit of Croatian as well.

As private teacher I am teaching in Pécs, in the surroundings of Pécs and online Hungarian lessons.

I like my job as language teacher very much because I find it as a very creative work where I can meet lot of people and cultures. Also I can use my creative side by preparing teaching materials on my own personalized to my students. My aim is to bring people near to Hungarian language and culture, giving them keys to learn this language and to forget the stereotype Hungarian language would be more difficult than other languages.

You can call me:

Email: timi.baumann@gmail.com
Mobile phone: +36-30-3969547
Skype: baumann.timi