My name is Tímea Baumann. I am Hungarian as foreign language teacher.

I offer you:

Hungarian lessons

  • Private lessons or lessons in small groups
  • Online lessons: via Skype and via online teaching software
  • “Coffee-talk” in Hungarian
  • Lessons and work sheets which develop your competencies, suit your own wishes according to your purposes and take care on cultural differencies
  • personalised work sheets (included into the price)
  • Tutored by a professional, native speaker language teacher with lot of experiences in teaching Hungarian as foreign language
  • cultural informations included in the lesson
  • informations in English and/or in German

Why should you learn Hungarian?

Here are some good reasons from my students (translated into English):

“Why do I learn Hungarian?
Because I like people in Hungary. I love the land and the people. I met in Hungary so kind people! And those Hungarians ,who I know here in Germany, are very kind as well.
I have also good reasons because of my work: there is a close co-operation between our university and the Semmelweis University in Budapest.”

(U.R., German)

“I think that learning Hungarian enrichs me, because it is not a common language learned by everybody. You can’t Hungarian everywhere on the street or on the radio or in films. By learning Hungarian I learned also about the Hungarian culture a lot and I find that amazing.
Besides I found that it is much more easier learning Hungarian than I thought before (maybe only the pronunciation makes me some troubles). I think that everybody can learn it with the help of different exercises.”

(Julie, French)

“This is my little great challenge.
Because I don’t want to feel lost anywhere in Europe.
Because I want to know about Hungarian mentality, culture and habits, than these can give me a lot.
For absolving Middle-Europe from that mosaic existence (to get to know and understand both point of views).
For creating a dialog and co-operation between the nations of Middle-Europe – that can be my way in my profession.”

(Jana Kúdelová, Slovak Republic, East-West-Studies)

“I learn Hungarian, because I don’t want to be without words in the country, in which I work.”

(Claudia Greul, Austrian Guest lecturer)

Learn Hungarian as well!